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Best Plant Based Protein Sources


Whenever we talk about protein, eggs or meat comes to mind. It is true that food derived from animal sources contains very high amount of protein, but those people who cannot consume animal food so...

Dumbbell Full Body Workout - At Home


It can be hard to get motivated to get out of the house and go to the gym. Below the cost of a gym membership, or a personal trainer, a set of dumbbells helps you to perform exercises that can actu...

21 Essential and Basic Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls


As soon as they reach their prime, teenage girls become very aware of appearance. Since adolescent girls face more skin issues, they begin to play with their appearance, whether it's skin, hair...

Covid 19 Immunity


At present the whole world is fighting an epidemic like Corona virus which in medical terminology known as COVID-19. People are maintaining social distancing to keep themselves safe from the infect...

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