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17 Foods That are Rich in Vitamin - C


Vitamin C is known to be one of our body's essential vitamins. In the development of cells present in our body, Vitamin C primarily plays an active role. Vitamin C is not produced in the body,

Best Plant Based Protein Sources


Whenever we talk about protein, eggs or meat comes to mind. It is true that food derived from animal sources contains very high amount of protein, but those people who cannot consume animal food so

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful


Studies in Europe, Australia and Asia showed that people who spend more time outside the closed rooms, their eyes are healthier. Perhaps the reason is that sunlight provides vitamin D, which helps

12 Most Wanted Minerals


Our body does not produce all the nutrients that it needs in order to function properly. So we have to get them from our food. There are two types of nutrients, macronutrients and micro nutrients.

Amazing Drinks That Keep You Hydrated for Whole Day


Our body contains 75% of fluid. So whenever this equilibrium gets disturbed then there occur a lack of water in the body, and body craves for water. Drinking water according to the thirst degree is

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