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Dumbbell Full Body Workout - At Home


It can be hard to get motivated to get out of the house and go to the gym. Below the cost of a gym membership, or a personal trainer, a set of dumbbells helps you to perform exercises that can actually yield amazing results when performed regularly. This tiny equipment allows for a great workout without leaving home. Measurably one-pounders up to 15-pound dumbbells and heavier will help you test the body and improve muscles from triceps, biceps, and abs and beyond. For this, you can shape your fat loss or any muscle gain, all you will need is a pair of dumbbells. It can also help you to burn lot of your calories, and for this you only need to increase the repeats. Also, you can do them anywhere in the comfort of your home and they do not occupy too much space. So today I am telling you about those dumbbell workouts, which will get rid of the hassle of waiting for your turn on a particular machine in a crowded gym. In this article you get a plan of total body workout to help you out that will make you feel sweaty, solid, and sore in the best possible way. Pick up your dumbbells, toggle on your favorite playlist and get ready for the job. 

Benefits of Dumbbell Workout

1. Improves Bone Density
Weight training makes bones solid and strong. If you do weight training, then your body may be less likely to get factored in compared to normal people. A large proportion of the elderly population in the country suffers from  osteoporosis. Weight training, healthy diet, vitamin D and calcium can help reduce the possibility of osteoporosis.

2. Enhances Metabolism
Weight training exercise increases your metabolism, which also helps you in reducing fat. Actually, it increases the muscle mass in your body, then increases metabolism and burns more calories. If you do regular weight training then your body metabolism will be faster. Which means your body will burn more calories. And the extra fat in your body will not be collected. Faster body metabolism, maximize calorie intake and it will facilitate the body to utilize more and more calories.

3. Increases Muscle Mass
Weight training volume plays the most important role in muscle growth. During the workouts, lifting the weight causes the fiber tissue breaks of the muscles that load. When you relax and take protein, then the muscles are repaired and they grow. This also brings volume in the muscles. If you reduce the strength, your muscles may get lost. For this, it is important that you take enough protein so that the muscles do not get lost. For protein, eat cheese, whey protein, tofu, chicken, mutton, eggs, milk, whey protein etc.

4. Better Sleep
People who work out have deep, sound sleep, and feel fresh after waking up in the morning. Resistance training increases the temperature of your body and keeps your body warm from inside which is like bathing with hot water. You must also know that many people take a bath with warm water just before going to bed so that they can get a good sleep.

5. Controls Blood Pressure
In weight training, your heart has to work harder to breathe while lifting heavy weights. If the muscles shrink and swell during heavy lifting, your blood pressure may decrease or normal after exercise. Which is good for the body?

6. Controls Estrogen Level
Genetically, level of estrogen hormone is more in the body of women. Due to which their muscles doesn’t develop like men. Estrogen is responsible for the fat storage in their bodies. If this hormone secretion becomes imbalance in women's body then fat storage in their body increases a lot. The easiest way to keep this hormone under control is regular weight training. Regular weight training keeps estrogen level under control. Apart from this, weight training also keeps testosterone level balance.

7. Increases Strength
Woman’s endurance power and stamina is more than men. That’s why they can perform tasks efficiently for hours. But most of the women have been seen that they only do cardio which simply means they are enhancing their stamina more. Due to which there is a lack of strength in women. The best way to increase the strength of women is to do weight training in a regular routine. 

A pair of medium weight dumbbells is the only thing you'll need for performing these workouts. Be sure to go through a dynamic warm-up after you have your weights to keep your muscles warm and avoid injury. This complete body dumbbell workout is great for weight training. This plan include all the classic exercise and can be performed in a short time. These movements affect all the body's main muscle including stomach, back, neck, arms, legs and abs. You need to do it in circuits. One circuit consists of three or four rounds of any exercise. Hence, you are supposed to complete one circuit of each exercise in continuation without taking a pause. After that take a rest of one minute and repeat the same circuit three more times with full range of motions.

1. Floor Press
Pecs, triceps, shoulders
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Lie down on the ground and lift your knees upwards and keep your feet on the ground.
b. Hold dumbbells in each of your hand. Hang on your shoulders for your weights. Little by little, raise your arms to the ceiling and catch, then drop the weights back down to your feet and then repeat the same procedure. 

2. Bent Over Row
Back, glutes, biceps
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Stand straight on the floor, and bend your shoulders towards your knees. Soften your knees and raise your arms with each hand holding a dumbbell.
b. Compress your muscles with the biceps and triceps, row your arms inwards and relax when the dumbbells are above your ribs and repeat.

3. Shoulder Press
Shoulder, triceps, traps, upper chest
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Stand straight on the floor and hold both the dumbbells and place it up over your shoulders in U shape.
b. Slowly stretch your arms as far as you can and return the dumbbells up to your knees. Then again repeat the same.

4. Lateral Raise
Shoulders, traps
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Stand straight and hold the dumbbell in each hand by your side.
b. Force your arms outwards until your shoulders are straight and you are in a T posture. You can feel the movements of your bicep muscles. Slowly lowers down your hand and repeat.

5. Glute Bridge
Glutes, abs, hamstrings
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Lie down flat with your knees bent upwards and a single dumbbell lying on your lower stomach and hips.
b. Tensing your glute muscles and gripping the dumbbell to prevent it from falling off, lift your hips to the ceiling as high as you can. Keep on for few seconds, tighten your muscles, go back to the floor and then repeat the same.

6. Split Squat
Quads, glutes, upper legs
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Put one foot in front of another, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure the back foot just hits the floor with the toe.
b. Hold your knee directly above your ankle to make sure it doesn't fold over your foot, lunge forward and lock your glutes. Lower your knee down to the floor before it hits, and then drive your foot through the soles. Keep your back straight, and look ahead. Repeat the same process.

7. Bulgarian Split Squat
Targets: Glutes, upper legs
Extra equipment: Bench
Do: 10-12 reps on each side
a. Get in a forward lunge position with one foot resting behind you on the bench and the other approximately half a metre in front of you, or far enough away so you can drop yourself into the squat.
b. Take your dumbbell, and put it like a goblet under your chin. Keep your torso upright, tight core and hips square to your body, lower to almost horizontal front thigh. Keep your knee in line with your foot, and don't let your knee across your toes. Drive back to the starting position through your front-heel.

8. Renegade Row
Targets: Back, shoulders, triceps, biceps
Do: 10-12 reps on each side
a. With a dumbbell in each hand, get into a press up position. Make sure your back is straight, your bum is low, your feet are wide apart from your shoulder and your shoulders are over your wrists.
b. Row the dumbbell back towards your lower abs, keeping your chest and hips square and your abs engaged. Place the dumbbell back on the floor and repeat it the other way around.

9. Russian Twist
Obliques, abs
Do: 10-12 reps on each side
a. Sit in a 'V' position on the floor or at a bench.
b. Slowly twist your waist left to right, with your dumbbell in front of you. Don't rush or twist this movement too fast. If you are slow and keep control on your speed then it's much more effective.

10. Weighted Sit-ups
Abs, obliques
Do: 10-12 reps
a. Lie down with your knees bent on your back and hold your weight onto your chest in both hands. Get a partner to stand on your feet or anchor them under two heavy dumbbells-this will stop you from straining your neck trying to hold down your feet.
b. Roll yourself off the floor and weight towards your knees and then slowly lower yourself down to the floor. 

11. Dumbbell Box Step-ups
Quads, glutes, hamstrings
Extra equipment: Box (ideally knee-high)
Do: 10-12 reps on each side
a. Hold your dumbbells in your lap, your palms face in. Step your right foot into the frame, pushing through the heel to straighten your leg. Bring the left knee up to touch the other.
b. Move back down with your left foot to the floor and your right foot followed. Lead for 10 reps with your right foot and then turn left for another 

12. Dumbbell Reverse Lunges
Quads, glutes, hamstrings
Do: 10-12 reps on each leg
a. Stand straight with your foot apart. Keep your dumbbell in front of your eyes, with your legs hip width apart. Move one foot back about two feet and lower your knee down to the ground (make sure it's not going past your knee), while holding your chest and looking upwards.
b. Step back up to reach the other one and then perform the second leg exercise.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such dumbbell workout then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for the latest updates.

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