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21 Essential and Basic Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls


As soon as they reach their prime, teenage girls become very aware of appearance. Since adolescent girls face more skin issues, they begin to play with their appearance, whether it's skin, hair or makeup. In such circumstances, particularly girls who are fond of wearing makeup can adopt wrong techniques and bad products that cause spots, wrinkles, pimples, etc to develop. If you are going for the first time to get some sort of makeup or beauty treatment, then you can certainly read my article in which I am sharing important and fundamental beauty tips.

What is your skin type?
Girls, when I'm talking about your appearance, I have to say, first of all that you should know your kind of skin. Do not use any beauty products without knowing your skin type, particularly if you are a teenager. Similar skin actually needs different treatments. The easiest way to learn the properties of the skin is to contact the dermatologist. To answer your questions, they can tell you a lot accurately, or you can find out for yourself. So below, I'm telling you how you can work out your sort of skin.

1. Is your T-zone shining brighter than the rest of your face? You definitely have mixed skin, then.
2. Your skin is fine if you do not find any change or difference in your skin from morning to night.
3. You have dry or sensitive skin because you have dry patches and redness on your face.
4. A hallmark of oily skin is oily and smooth looking skin from day to night.

21 Skin Care Tips for Teenage Girls
I'm going to tell you some important and simple skin care tips today, with the aid of which you'll be able to take proper care of your skin.

1. Cleansing
If you're just a teenager, it's really important to know what's best for your skin. The routine of beauty should always begin with cleanliness. Wash all the dirt and dust off your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

2. Toning
Adopt it with toning until your face gets clean. Use an alcohol-free toner of decent quality. Apply a coat of toner to your face and allow it to air dry, so your skin cells can fully absorb it. It will prepare the skin to absorb the moisturizer entirely.

3. Moisturizing
After toning, add a healthy face moisturizer. Regular moisturization reduces dryness and keeps the skin healthy. The moisturizer can be chosen according to your skin type so that it can suit your skin requirements.

4. Exfoliating 
Exfoliate your skin twice a week with a gentle scrub. It helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin and helps free it from dead skin cells, particles of dirt and excess sebum. It facilitates cell regeneration as well. The use of homemade scrubs that consist of powder sugar is highly recommended by experts.

5. Scrubbing 
In order to remove dead skin, scrub all over your body. Make sure that areas such as the elbows, back, legs and buttocks are routinely scrubbed to ensure that dead and damaged cells are removed from the upper layer of the skin. Doing so will give you skin that is smooth and soft. For better outcomes, use granulated scrub.

6. Manicure 
It is also a significant part of your appearance to take care of your hands and nails. First of all, use a nail filer to shape your nails to beautify the nails. Until applying nail polish, add the base coat to prevent nail discoloration. To deeply moisturize and hydrate your hands, use cold cream 5 to 6 times a day.

7. Pedicure 
Do not forget to get your feet and nails washed, too. The pedicure allows you to cleanse both your feet and nails. This decreases the chances of nail infections. The problem of foot odour and broken edges can also be solved by having regular pedicures.

8. Sleep for 8 Hours 
To decrease facial fatigue, it is important to get good sleep. Owing to full sleep, the skin provides many benefits. To preserve your beauty, having sound sleep is very necessary. To take you away from the pressures of the day, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is very important. It also offers relief from dark spots and facial pimples.

9. Moisturize Lips
It is also important that our lips appear pink, soft and hydrated in order to remain beautiful. You should use lip balm several times a day for this. In order to retain lip moisture and shield it from external exposure, the primary purpose of Lip Balm is to provide a barrier layer on the surface of the lips. This habit is not going to leave your lips dry and tinted.

10. Avoid Licking and Peeling Lips 
To preserve the elegance of your lips, stop licking and peeling the skin. Throughout the day, however, constant licking could dry out the lips and lead to chapping, cracking, flaking, or peeling. If you are living in a cold, dry climate, this is particularly true. Lip skin removal may often lead to bleeding and pain. Using your finger to apply a gentle exfoliator, like a sugar scrub. For a decent moisturizer, be sure to follow it.

11. Go Easy on Hair Colors
Teenage girls also dye their hair to improve the attractiveness of their hair. Recoloring hair over a short period of time can result in damage to the hair especially if you dye the same hair. Your hair will become too porous as a result of too much death to hold proteins intact and lose them. Therefore, consider choosing a natural hair color for your hair.

12. Keep Hair Clean 
To improve the beauty of your hair, cleaning your hair is very necessary. Although your scalp is washed with the shampoo, the conditioner cleans the hair shaft. It does not matter whatever your age. This tip on appearance applies to all ages. It will keep the hair clean and smooth by adding shampoo and conditioner.

13. Check Before Buying Products
Without testing its analysis, do not buy any beauty product. In the shops, various beauty and makeup items from various brands are available. Such items are filled with several ingredients. Before selecting any beauty product for yourself, you should be very careful. Always try to find the right product for your skin. Be sure to ask for samples at the supermarket, if possible.

14. Wear Suitable Makeup 
For teens, lip gloss or a sheer lip cream is best. Choose age-appropriate sheer pink or neutral shades that will fit for every occasion. Test out the Moisturizing Lip Gloss from NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss or Maybelline New York Baby Lips. Teenage girls with Smokey eyes can even attempt a nude make-up look.

15. Often Clean Makeup Brushes 
It is important to clean your makeup brush at least once a week if you do makeup every day. Dirty makeup brushes are home to bacteria and germs. Sometimes not cleaning them will lead to a breakout, which you certainly do not want. Even if you don't use makeup every day after every 2-3 applications, it is important to clean them.

16. Avoid Heavy Makeup 
Doing over makeup, especially for teenagers, can have adverse effects on its users. Teenagers are also struggling with hormones, chromosomes, and the germs around them with skin problems. Adding makeup to the blend can lead to eye infections such as pink eyes, staph infections, cosmetic acne, and even health problems. This is because your skin wants to breathe and is delicate. The pores of the skin are blocked by too much makeup.

17. Use Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover 
Using organic coconut oil to clean makeup, dust and grime instead of removing the makeup with facial wash or micellar spray. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid that helps destroy acne-causing bacteria. Applying coconut oil to the skin will destroy bacteria that cause acne and increase humidity, which can also decrease acne scarring. To obtain pure and toned skin, you can also use rose water.

18. Use Sunscreen Before Stepping Out
Always use sunscreen in your routine for skincare. The application of sunscreen on your skin helps to preserve your complexion evenly. One of the key causes of irregular skin tones is sun exposure and the regular use of sunscreen helps to avoid those symptoms. One of the most noticeable and prominent advantages of sunscreen is that it protects the skin from the wide spectrum of harmful UV rays from the sun. This will protect the skin from tanning and keep dark spots away. Then add sunscreen if you are really in a rush, Then add your body lotion or primer to the sunscreen and apply it to your face.

19. Decrease Blow Drying 
Blow drying not only evaporates moisture on the surface, but also removes water attached to the roots of the hair. The cuticles become dry, rigid and brittle due to intermittent blow drying. When you blow-dry your hair, make sure that your hair is not covered by hot air.

20. Eat Healthy 
To help bone growth, hormonal changes, organ, and tissue production, including the brain, teenagers need extra nutrients. Teens should eat breakfast, drink water, avoid foods that are heavily processed, sugar drinks, and eat out. Healthy eating habits and exercise can help reduce the risk of obesity. For a radiant face, drink plenty of juices and water. The more hydrated you are the better your face would be.

21. Drink Lot of Water 
Dry skin can cause excess production of oil, which could lead to the formation of acne. Several studies have shown that when used with a moisturizer and other skin care items, increasing the intake of water will help keep your skin soft and smooth. Drinking ample water allows the body to flush out contaminants while supplying you with healthy skin.

Hope you like this article. If you know about more such essential and basic beauty tips for teenage girls then please write me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me and also subscribe for latest updates.

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